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Residential Paving

We specialize in residential paving!

First thing that needs to be hammered home, and this doesn’t just benefit Molesworth Paving, but also you, the homeowner.  BEWARE THE GYPSY!!  Gypsy’s are what the paving industry calls contractors that are from out of state, stay in hotels around town, and are unlicensed by the state of Arizona.  They will come knocking on your door and tell you that they have 15-20 tons of asphalt left over from another job and will give you a “deal” to get rid of the excess.  First of all, at an average of $55.00 per ton for asphalt at the plant, if they have that much left over, then are not competent.  Second of all, I will guarantee you that they have a truck waiting – EMPTY – at the plant waiting to find a gullible homeowner to fall for their sales pitch they’re shoveling out.  They will want cash for the job, which is fine for a licensed contractor, but with these crooks you will have no recourse once that cash in their hands.  Whomever you call for an estimate, make sure they are licensed with Arizona Registrar of Contractors as following in this link.  http://www.azroc.gov/forms/contractorsearch.html.

There is no such thing as a job too small!
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Driveway Paving

Whether you want to pave your dirt and gravel driveway, put on a new asphalt course, or just simply add on a turn-out from an existing paved driveway, Molesworth Paving has the expertise and the equipment to professionally get it done for you.  Possible drainage and/or erosion issues?  With proper layout and grading, your driveway can have the correct slope from side to side and from the house to ensure proper drainage.  If erosion is an even bigger issue, extruded concrete curb placed on top of the asphalt along the edge can help even more to channel the drainage to it’s proper distribution point.

Driveway Repair

Pot holes, severe cracks, raveling, etc.  Molesworth Paving can repair your asphalt driveway needs.  Normally this is done before a sealcoat application but we will always listen to the homeowner and together come up with a plan that is both safer for you and your guests as well as pleasing to look at.

Driveway Maintenance

After your initial investment of getting your driveway paved, do you remember how proud you were of your brand new shiny black driveway?  Molesworth Paving can give you back that pride as well as protect that initial investment.  With the severe Arizona sun and heat, the oils need to be rejuvenated periodically in your asphalt with the use of an asphalt emulsion sealcoat application.  Cracks in your driveway also a problem?  We can clean out your cracks of dirt and weeds and then pour hot rubber sealant to seal off the moisture that leaks through during the rains and damages your sub-base under your driveway.